1. Medusa


    When you left
    Choir never sang,
    Earth shifted
    And the sea was rough;
    A raven,
    The sole witness
    To my petrifaction
    (Is a Silent observer),
    Never descended
    From the apex branch.
    For now,
    You are a hurricane
    On destruction spree
    And I am,
    A stone silhouette.

    But when the stars align
    Who will save you from Perseus?


  2. My Enemies


    And if light is what I see
    I might as well manufacture it,
    Capture it for someone hopeless
    Who hurts me and hates me;
    Place it on their palm
    Then ask them to be mean
    And watch their awestruck faces
    Absorb the content and shame
    See the beginning of change.


  3. Absence


    Don’t come in pieces
    Come away whole
    With the waves
    That crash over my bones
    Crystallise me,
    Remove this fear
    Which is the fruit of my essence,
    As we consume each other.

    I am,
    Your wounds
    I am,
    The cause
    I am,
    The tourniquet
    I am,
    The salt.

    A boat
    Carved out from laburnum wood
    An oar;
    All those who reside in me
    Only together,
    Guide them ashore.


  4. Lips On Fire


    Let it drip
    To fuse with antidote
    Sip a little
    Let it burn my throat

    I move my hands
    Down her spine
    Promenade my finger
    Proclaim my territory
    Savour her frugally
    A solitary approach
    To feel her profundity
    Adrift in her
    Conquer the firmament
    Capture her physiognomy
    And enter the flaming portal.


  5. Joey


    She lets pearls leave her onyx eyes
    Her quivering voice dissolving with
    The clamour of the rushing train
    Behind the wall;

    And in that moment,
    The concealment disappears,
    The veil falls;

    The colours, through the prism,
    Fall back to white
    Giving way to exquisiteness,
    Innocence and subliminal beauty;

    An image of Venus;

    Then, within seconds she pulls it back together
    And I go looking for her pearls.


  6. A & A


    It’s like making two ends meet,
    Like being caught in a frenzy with calmness
    Dissolving a sweet ardent catalyst
    Into the realms of nothingness;
    For the Phoenix will still rise
    Melting all the silver shackles,
    Uninterrupted by the worldly snares
    They continue with their unintelligent discourse.

  7. cvinceillustration:

    The brown bear humerus, so awesomely donated by Ben Garrod, arrived this morning! Thought I’d do a study of it before I paint it


  8. dhritspoetry:

    I’ve had a soul
    Too few to weep
    With dandelions
    That blow on sleep
    A chandelier
    To watch the day
    Some diamonds
    That make her stay
    The gentle kiss
    For puny night
    A flying broom
    To fix my kite
    A lion hair
    To tie my shoe
    An eagle feather
    To find a clue
    The neon lamp
    For invisible…


  9. A Place Where You Stay


    There’s this place in my head
    A place where you stay;
    There’s nothing but you
    And nothing can take that away.


  10. Untethered Sensitive Asshole


    When I read the poems by my fellow contemporaries,
    I’m glad, I know there are other untethered sensitive assholes like me.